Robert Lambton - Multi National Track Champion

“I first started working with Chris when I was 13. Within 6 months I won my first National Championship. Chris was there with me that day (having taken time off work especially) helping me with everything from warm ups to pep talks and tactics to keeping me calm through all the qualification rounds, even down to mixing energy drinks. For the 6 years I worked with Chris, he always took time off to come and support me at my biggest objectives and this is indicative of the level of care Chris invests in rider’s under his charge – the relationship is far more than just a training program and an email address.”

“One of Chris’s most memorable mantras is that racing is 40% in the legs and 60% in the head. The results of riders that Chris has coached speak for themselves so there can be no doubt that Chris excels at training the legs – in fact I’m fairly certain I was doing training sets months or years before similar ideas filtered down to my rivals. What really sets Chris apart from other coaches I have encountered, however, is how he was able to help me manage my head. He was an unwavering source of positivity, enthusiasm, support, and rational thought when I lost my head in the pressure cooker of competition environments. I have no recollection of Chris ever showing even a hint of negativity as a coach or as a rider himself (even during his long recovery after a collision with a car). Though by my nature I am the complete opposite of Chris in this regard, his influence has certainly changed me for the better. In cycling terms I raced far less conservatively in my later years and was far less burdened by my own expectations and fears and, although Chris coached me as a cyclist, the positive effect that Chris has had on my life extends well beyond cycling. From the age of 13 up until 19 (when injuries caught up with me) Chris was my only coach and his guidance during these formative years mean that, other than my parents, Chris has probably been the most influential figure in my life. I have been lucky enough to be relatively successful outside of cycling and that which I have achieved in education and the world of work owe a similar debt to the time and effort Chris invested in me as the 3 National Championship victories on the boards of Manchester and Newport.”

“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Chris as a coach to anyone and I’m proud to have been coached by Chris and to count him now as a friend. I could never have asked for better; the 13 year old me was very lucky and the 23 year old me is very grateful.”